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Bringing in an age of scalable, efficient and secure enterprise virtual desktop computing. Digital Workspace. Secure Remote Access. Workspace Virtualization


Virtualisation and remote working solutions have been pushed to the stage as the answer to true business continuity, irrespective of the business environment. Businesses need to understand that sustained business growth cannot allow location to be a constraint.

Why Accops?

One of the best in the virtualization industry, and has been developing the technology to enable faster, more stable business growth. Accops continues to develop solutions that offer high performance, are easily scalable, simple to use and easily integrable with all systems.

  • Simplified and cost-effective
  • Multiple WFH options adapted to your business needs
  • Application tunnel for secure remote and virtual access
  • Monitor productivity with the extensive reporting in the user activities audits
  • Easy enforcement of corporate policies across systems
  • Clientless access with secure device entry control with no endpoint management
  • Can be deployed immediately for as long or as short as you require.

Accops' Soutions

Accops HyWorks

Accops HyWorks is a solution suite comprising of software and hardware to create, manage and deliver hosted applications & virtual desktop from the datacenter. HyWorks provides core services to create and manage host application environment, virtual desktop, provisioning services for virtual desktop, authentication & authorization and auditing services.

Accops HyDesk

Accops HyDesk is a hybrid, green endpoint device used in the corporate environment for replacing legacy PC based computing with the centralized server side of web-based computing. Organizations get benefits of simpler management of desktop computing resources, secure computing and reducing carbon footprint by replacing full PC with Accops HyDesk Devices.

Accops HySecure

HySecure enables users working from any network be it trusted LAN or untrusted WAN or internet or mobile network to securely access corporate resources. HySecure’s SPAN technology make secure access a simple, fast deployment without requiring any network changes. The User can get onto a browser, desktop client or mobile apps and start accessing the applications without requiring any configuration on the devices.

Accops HyID

HyID enables strong multi-factor authentication based on One-Time-Password, Bio-metrics parameters validations, device hardware ID & PKI. HyID protects the corporate resources from unchecked access by privileged users and provides detailed audit logs about who accessed what, from where and what time. The system can generate alerts based when an access by a user invalidates the set risk thresholds, enabling organizations to detect and prevent identity thefts and privilege rights misuse.

Accops HyLite​

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or Linux Based Terminal Services. HyLite enables ultimate enterprise mobility by enabling TLS protected and multi-factor authentication enabled access to corporate applications from any device with an HTML5 browser. Enterprises can enable BYOD and extranet user access to business applications & Corporate workspace in seconds compared to hours and days when doing traditional desktop computing. HyLite a true zero management application

Accops HyLabs​

HyLabs enables dynamic ICT lab provisioning solution for universities, training institutes and training departments within corporates. HyLabs allows flexibility to faculties to deploy an manage labs on their own with any intervention from IT or requiring any prior knowledge and training of the underlying infrastructure

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Emphasis on Security

Secure access to a centralized server allows organizations to deliver solutions on-the-go without being dependent on having company-issued hardware

Enhanced Work Mobility

Desktop and application virtualization allow for faster application delivery and execution of projects

Reduce IT Overhead Costs

By bringing down the overhead costs of IT teams by saving time and hardware costs, allowing your teams the time to execute more strategically important projects

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