Virtual Desktop Infrastructure- A Step Into The Future Workspace

The good old days of uncomplicated tasks in the office are long gone. The dynamic change in technology over the years has only allowed businesses to save the time spent in technical work. This, in turn, has given us more time to spend on the optimization of enterprises. It is only a matter of time before the current model of business management becomes obsolete with newer technology on its way.

Many studies have shown that there are three trending technology solutions extensively used by enterprises. These are cloud computing, the “internet of things” or IoT and virtual desktop infrastructures or VDI. While cloud computing has been around the block for a while and the applications of IoT currently have, in theory, no limits. But, it is virtual desktop solutions that play an essential role in today’s workforce being mostly mobile.

Why Use A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?


Think about it. Offices no longer need to invest in computer hardware. All it takes is a server that is configured to contain the private interfaces of each employee. The workspace is made accessible from any device with a secure network connection. The data never leaves the company as all the work takes place inside the server via a secure connection to the employee’s device. VDI thus scores points for the security of data, as no one from outside your company can access it. It is also possible nowadays to monitor the type of data viewed by your employees, to protect the company from unwanted malicious threats.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure offers a more economical and secure technology solution to growing businesses looking to make the most out of fewer resources.

Before picking out a virtual desktop solution for your business, below are some points you have to consider before finalizing.

Picking your VDI solution

Here’s a guide to things you should look for when selecting a VDI or remote access platform for your organization:

Feature Set– What are the features required by your organization? It is necessary to address this since a simple solution may not have the answer to all your needs. Alternatively, a full-fledged infrastructure may have more answers than your organization’s needs and can also bring in unnecessary costs and complexity.
Security– How secure is the solution that you are considering? Is there a need for installing applications to the client devices? While standard offerings include a Secure Gateway, VPN integration along with two-factor authentication, it is good to see what else the solution can offer. For example, Ericom Shield® provides its users with secure browsing using an innovative technology called Remote Browser Isolation, which allows you to perform browsing operations in a secure Linux compartment and keeps your device from harm.

Ease of use– How closely does the VDI solution compliment the work environment in your office?

Scalability– How quickly can you scale up the number of users? As the number of employees grows, can your solution grow with them accordingly?

Operational data– Can your solution provide insights into how the IT resources can be better utilized?

Ease of installation and management- Will your virtual desktop infrastructure become a headache for your IT team?

VALTO specializes in providing world-class solutions to help accentuate your business’s growth. We know that investing in a VDI solution is a big decision, but we assure you that with us, you have nothing to worry. We are partners with Ericom Software, which is one of the most significant names in the virtual desktop infrastructure space. Check out our website to know more about our product.

Image source- Microtel Technologies

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