Text recognition using OCR technology. Smart responsive interface. Powerful Data extraction. Smart Document Segregation.  Bar code recognition.  Connectivity.


Enterprises usually spent an exorbitant amount of money on multiple security systems. IT teams are usually short-handed and overworked in handling these multiple systems. It has become much more important to have an all-encompassing solution, that takes care of all vulnerabilities within your enterprise, without hurting the company’s wallet.

Enter CDC-On

CDC’s flagship product is the future of cybersecurity, solely because it has a unique value proposition: integrating all your security systems under a common dashboard and supplement it with features that are  currently lacking in your IT and IoT environments.

Your assets are protected by CDC-On by combining technologies such as UEBA, SOAR, EDR, NSTA, SIEM, along with vulnerability assessments, architecture, configuration, application security reviews, forensics, audits, with 24x7x365 SOC eye-on-the-glass monitoring and incident response.

This does not mean that SMB’s cannot avail of the same features. SMBs can avail of a monthly subscription model, thereby gaining the best of cybersecurity at an affordable price.

Not too much, not too little: Just the right amount of cybersecurity in a box within your budget.

Key features

Signing Documents

Cygnature allows the users to sign documents using multiple types of signatures.
A user can choose any type of signature based on the sensitivity of the document
& level of authentication that is required from the signer.

Sending documents for signing

No matter the platform, Cygnature lets you upload documents and enable advanced options when sending them. Some of the functionalities include reminders, due date, etc.
Cygnature also allows you to create groups to send document to sign or send multiple documents for bulk signing.

Security & Blockchain stamping

With Cygnature you get Blockchain security to the documents where all
activities on a document are stored on blockchain and all activities
on the document are tracked & timestamped.

Mobile Application

Cygnature’s Mobile Application allows users to sign documents on the fly from anywhere in the world within 60 seconds.
The Mobile app supports various features and options which gives them a simplified signing experience.


Integrate your systems with the e-signature APIs easily. All assistance is given from API documentation to the implementation process.

Admin management

Easy view for the admin who needs access to all user activities, profile section, documents, manage subscriptions etc in minimum clicks

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