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Web security solutions typically meant a costly affair, as the resources required would be expensive, difficult to manage across various locations and drove up costs. As people move to a hybrid form of work, managing the best corporate network security and user experience becomes possible only with the solutions that offer you web security at scale, by leveraging advanced cloud technologies.

ContentKeeper - What is it?

ContentKeeper’s Secure Cloud Gateway protects your organization from the web. Anti-malware, web filtering and in-depth analytics and reporting work simultaneously to reduce the attack surface. With it’s multi-layered approach and cloud-first approach, ContentKeeper offers a unique positioning that offers best-in-line security, scalability and simplicity when it comes to your web security.

ContentKeeper Offerings

Web Filtering

Google already notifies you about malicious websites when you type the URL and hit Enter. But what about those that bypass Google’s advanced filters? ContentKeeper stops users from viewing certain URLs or websites by preventing their browsers from loading pages from these sites. This is done in two ways:

  1. By consulting known lists which document and categorize popular pages across all genres of content.
  2. By evaluating the content of the page live and block it accordingly. 
Streaming Malware Defense

Malicious websites are loaded with malware, waiting for you to just enter their URL. As soon as you hit Enter, your computer begins to download the malware, and the countdown begins.

ContentKeeper’s streaming malware defense leverages proprietary technologies to monitor and identify malware in real time. Organizations using ContentKeeper notice that the incidences of unintentional malware downloads reduce significantly because of the live monitoring of all web traffic from all employees.

Predictive Malware Blocking

In addition to real-time blocking, ContentKeeper also leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the nature of threats the organization comes across. Using this information, the signature gateway is able to predict, identify and prevent all kind of threats that can arise in the future.


Cloud Sandboxing

ContentKeeper ensures a secure sandboxing of all traffic, downloads, running programs is done. This helps to eliminate the security risks to an organization because of unaware or careless actions done by employees when they click on a suspicious link or attachment.

ContentKeeper’s technology also takes it a step further by reverse-engineering the executable files, understand the threat involved and consolidate the reports of the study to prevent a similar threat from occurring in the future.

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Enhanced Web Security

ContentKeeper provides a resilient coverage across your attack surface from web threats. 

Enhanced Scalabilty

ContentKeeper’s cloud-based web security is perfect for large organizations that work across the world, and need to cover all their bases.

Reduce IT Overhead Costs

By deploying a cloud solution, IT teams win by saving on implementation and execution costs, and work with an easy-to-use interface that does the job.

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