Document Imaging and Data Capture

Scanning of paper documents to convert data into digital format


Businesses of today are slowly beginning to realize the importance of moving from unstructured information on paper to digital information, which can be leveraged further  for smoothening out existing business processes.

In addition to this, offices also tend to get congested with too many file cabinets or a huge bill for off-site storage, which adds up to become a significant overhead cost.

By scanning and converting your documents – you give your business the chance for a complete transformation – enabling a digital work environment which is more efficient and secure.


Allows you to save space and secure your documents from disasters or mishandling

Digitization of Documents

Lets you to do more with the information in the paper like automating workflows & enabling faster search

Control Access

By storing all your information in a centralized location and limiting access to confidential documents using a ECM, you have full control on access levels

Content Management

Next step to enable your office to become an efficient digital workplace

Valto has 10 years of experience in converting paper documents into digital documentation, be it of any size of type. In addition, we can also digitize microfilm/ microfische / aperture cards, maps and oversize document conversion, photographs and slide conversion, VHS and various tape conversion, bound book conversion and litigation support.


Capture content for Extraction

Make your data work for you by extracting fields needed in other Line of Business (LOB) systems: avoid manual keying, reduce errors and save processing time.

Stop Paying for off-site Storage

If you have paper and other objects you are storing off-site – just digitize the paper and reduce (or eliminate) your storage footprint and its related costs.

Disaster aversion

In the event of any disaster, you still keep full control over your information

Reduce carbon footprint

Print less, use your data more. You also save on space for filing cabinets and boxes.

Search using OCR

You are no longer limited to searching for the document based on its name. OCR gives you the flexibility to search for documents using the content within the document.

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