Thin Client Computing

For the ones who believe in computing without computers.

What are Thin Clients?

Reduce your IT OPEX costs

In traditional offices, employees are provided desktops by the company, which significantly drive up operational and maintenance costs. Thin clients eliminate this unnecessary spend.

Enable Green Computing practices

Thin Clients use up to 70% less energy than traditional computers, but offer you a faster, more seamless computing experience.

No compromise on Time and Security

Thin clients can all be centrally managed, and the company’s critical information and business applications are all stored securely in the data center.


How stable is Thin Client Technology?

Since it is designed to work with server-grade operating systems, it is a very stable solution. Also, because of the embedded circuitry, the downtime is highly reduced. The lifetime of thin clients is also much higher than those of traditional desktops in our offices.

What should I consider before I plan of implementing Thin Client Technology?

  • Do you want to optimize collaboration and information sharing between your multiple office?
  • Do you want to worry less about the ever-increasing IT resources needed?
  • Do you want to bring down your yearly annual costs by close to 60%?
  • Do you want better data security for your company’s information?

What are the backup options?

Thin clients are all centrally connected to your respective data center. So a periodic backup activity is much easily accomplished with Thin Clients.

How much power consumption am I looking at?

Thin clients use almost 80% less power than their desktop counterparts since they only emulate a virtual screen on your desktop.

How can I integrate it with my existing hardware?

Of course you can! When you begin to use thin clients, you will observe that they can function far better than your standard PCs. This also allows you to better optimize your budgets by slowly phasing out your old hardware.

How scalable is the technology?

Thin client technology, is an easily scalable technology. It is very easy to add more servers as your organization grows and adds more people. Thin clients can also be deployed much faster to provide almost instant continuity to your work.

Our Clients


Security Compliances

Accops thin clients are installed with the latest security protection solutions, and maintain all the required data security guidelines.

Kiosk Enabled devices

Ready-to-go kiosk enabled devices that can be deployed almost immediately after purchase.

Optimised for VDI

Accops thin clients are readily integrated with our VDI solutions, making it easily deployable

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