Work from Home

The growth of work-from-home solutions shows us that the future of organizations is remote.


In light of the gone year, businesses have come to understand that they can no longer be tied to physical locations if they aim to achieve yearly growth targets. Moreover, business users are constantly on the move in this technology age, and thus, access to business information anytime, anywhere is becoming a crucial matter.

However, it is also important to know that as businesses are transitioning to a work-from-home model, enterprise networks are 20 times more at risk than before. The need for a robust work-from-home solution that doesn’t compromise on the enterprise’s security measures.
Accops’ Work From Home solution is built based on Zero-Trust Model. This means that users can access business applications from anywhere, at any time and over any network.. The product was conceptualized with the idea of fitting for all businesses needs, irrespective of the size of the company. Accops’ products provide seamless access to modern web applications, SaaS applications, client-server applications, legacy applications, virtual applications and virtual desktops.

Our Clients


Business Continuity

Maintain your business operations seamlessly, through all events. Make sure your business is not limited to its physical location anymore.

Secure Data Transfer with no leaks

Block data download, copy-paste, print-screen, screen recording, printing features and control users’ internet access.

Empower BYOD users

Allow employees, consultants and vendors to use devices of their choice, without having to compromise with security or to hinder workflow

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