Simplifying access and categorization of information. This addresses the issue of dumps of unstructured information within the organization.

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Organizations that use ink and paper for managing their information are almost always at a disadvantage. This is because paper is the fastest way to creating duplicates and unstructured information, with a lack of control over who has access to what information. Such disadvantages create bottlenecks to the growth plans of a business, because 40% of an employee’s time is spent to access, process and store information properly.

ViciECM - How does it help businesses?

ViciECM is a robust enterprise content management system that addresses all your information management needs with one solution. Typical concerns that an enterprise content management system solution addresses are:

  • Regulatory compliance about documentation.
  • Streamlined document control processes.
  • Employee productivity.
  • Reducing dependance on paper.
  • Speed up traditional business processes.
  • Track and control access to information centrally.


Business Value

ViciECM offers deep functionality as a document management system, by adhering to the guidelines from the Open Document Management Association. This ensures that ViciECM is always updated to match the requirements of global business.

Easy Scalability

A robust enterprise content management system should be just as easily scalable as the workforce in an organization. ViciECM understands that your content management requirements will grow into the future, and the solution is ready to address it all.

Integration Possibilities

As the central repository for your organization’s content, it is important that your enterprise content management system easily communicate and support all business-critical technologies. ViciECM offers strong APIs that ensure seamless integration with all applications.

Organizational Flexibility

When you invest in an enterprise content management system, it has to meet the requirements of all the departments across the organization. ViciECM can be the answer to your information management needs, across all departments because of its inherent flexibility to manage all kinds of information.

Custom Development

While we address most requirements from an enterprise content management system out-of-the-box, there are situations where you might be looking for a specific fix to meet your business’ requirements. Our development team is open to incorporate such changes for specific clients.

Seamless Deployment

Deploying an enterprise content management system is a big step, since it essentially changes the way you handle information within the organization. We simplify this process by ensuring a smooth deployment of ViciECM across all users of your organization. 

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Content management and control

Secure access to documents by centralizing all information, which allows organizations to manage and control access without being dependent on user discretion.

Better scalability

ViciECM ensures that corporate information is securely shared, yet does not compromise on scalability.

Reduce Physical Storage Costs

By bringing down the overhead costs by saving time and hardware costs, allowing your teams the time to execute more strategically important projects

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